Kemnay Village Hall

8 Aquithie Road, Kemnay, Aberdeenshire AB51 5SS

Using the Hall - Lessee Responsibilities

The Lessee is responsible for the correct use of the Hall facilities during the let period.

The fish key provided should be used to switch on the emergency exit lights as soon as the hall is occupied. These exit lights should be switched off when the hall is vacated.

All lights should be switched off and all doors securely fastened and alarm set, where necessary, when the premises are vacated. If the Main Lights in the main hall are switched off inadvertently they will take six minutes to re-ignite.

Please check the entire building, including the newsletter office in the corridor to the rear of the Friendship and Wainman Rooms. When an alarm is set off in error, and this necessitates a callout, any charges made will be recouped from the lessee.

Breakages or damage must be recorded in the 'damages' book, kept in the reception office, so that repairs can be effected.

Lessee's posters may be displayed on notice boards.

White boards, with suitable pens are supplied for the use of lessees. Please do not attach anything to the walls.

Lessees are asked to leave the premises in a clean condition ready for the next let. A charge may be made if the premises are unfit for the next let and extra cleaning is necessary.

It is the responsibility of the lessee to ensure that all food and drink debris is cleared away and that the room is left in a tidy condition.

The hall has a supply of tablecloths and tea towels, which may be used by lessees. If used they must be laundered and returned as soon as possible and ready for other users.

All electrical equipment owned by the Hall Committee is tested regularly and 'tabbed' with date of inspection. Any electrical equipment brought into the Hall e.g. toasters, Radio, Disco Equipment etc should be checked by the electrician nominated by the Hall Committee before use. Please refer to the attached contact list contained within the User Manual / Handbook.

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Using the Hall - Health and Safety

Safety concerns should be raised with the Administrator prior to or immediately after the most recent let.

Each user is responsible for their OWN Health and Safety whilst using Kemnay Village Hall Facilities.

To help prevent fire, follow the points below and be safe:
Keep exit routes and corridors clear of obstructions
Do not leave rubbish in corridors or near escape routes
Do not wedge doors open
Switch off all electrical appliances when not in use (unless item is designed to be permanently connected)
Report defective cables, plugs and sockets
Report power failures immediately

The following systems have been provided for your Safety:
Fire Alarm and Detection System
Emergency Lighting System
Portable Fire Extinguishers
Fire Escape facilities
Sound Loop System
Disabled Persons Emergency Call System
First Aid Facilities
Safety Signs and Notices

Abuse or Misuse of any of the above is a criminal offence and may be prosecuted by the appropriate authority.

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